TIMING WK SIDECARS 23 & 24 juni Lommel 2018


FRIDAY 22 juni 2018

 1ste circuit control: 16:00
 Technical control and verification: 15:00 -19:30
 Meeting with the organisers: 17:30
 2de circuit control(if necessary): 18:00

SATURDAY  23 juni 2018  

 Technical control and verifcation:  07h30 - 08h30
 Jury meeting 1:  08h45
 Crews briefing   09h15
 Free and timed practices Dutch class sidecar NK  09h00-09h18            6' + 12' 
 Free Practices group A 10h00- 10h30             30'
 Free practices group B 10h40  -11h10            30'
 Free & timed practices Dutch class sidecar NK 11h25-11h45                6'+12'
 Pré-qualifying practices group A 12h00  -12h30            30'
 & Start practice group A
 Pré-qualifying practices group B 13h00 - 13h30            30'
& Start practice group B  
First race Dutch class sidecar NK 13h45-14h10 (18' +1r)
Break 14h10-14h45
Qualifying Races Group A:  
Motocycles in the waiting Zone and sighting lap 14h45
Start: 15h00-15h25 (20'+2r)
Qualifying Races Group B:
Motorcycles in the waiting Zone and sighting lap: 15h45
Start: 16h00 - 16h25 (20'+ 2r)
 Last chance Qualifying practice 17h30-18h00 30'
Jury Meeting 2 18h15
Opening ceremony/Crews presentation tent  20h30 

SUNDAY 24 juni 2018 

Warm Up Dutch class side-car NK 09h00-09h10 10'
Qualifying practice support class sidecar group   09h20- 09h35   15'
Warm-up: 10h00 -10h30  30'
Second race Dutch clas side-car NK  
Motorcycles in waiting zone and sighting lap 10h40
Start 10h50-11h15   18' + 1r
First race support class sidecar 11h30-11h55  18'+1r
Break  11h55 - 12h55
First Race GP Sidecar
Motorcycles in the waiting zone and sighting lap 13h00
Start: 13h15 -13h55   30'+2r
Second race support class sidecar 14h00 -14h25    18'+1r
Second race GP sidecars  
Motorcycles in the Waiting Zone: 15h45
Start: 16h00 -16h40     30'+2r
 Prize-Giving Ceremony   
 Jury Meeting 3: 17h00
 Payement of the travel indemnities /prizes: 17h30 -18h30